We Are Family…

As the launch team first starting meeting at the beginning of 2011, one of my main concerns was “Will these people all like each other?” The only common thread with all of them was me and my wife. So my prayer was “Oh, God please let them get along…and more than that, may we build a church family.”

So we are 9 months from our first meeting as a group and 3 months in to the launch of Revive…and you know what? Our relationships are better than I ever could have imagined. It is so awesome!!! While I am close to my family, I can honestly say that these people are my family. Not by blood of course, but by vision, purpose, sweet, tears and living our christian walk together. 

I can not tell you how much I love these people. We have each others backs…

we baby sit each others kids

we hang out together…a lot (two ladies, who didn’t know each other until March of 2011 now hang out every Wednesday all day)

we play together…(One guys is really into disc golf and has gotten about 5 of us hooked on the game now)

we influence what we wear…(One lady loves to wear scarfs, and now other ladies like to wear? Yup you guessed it….scarfs)

we pick up on words…(One lady likes to say the word “BOOM”, and that has picked up on a lot of us…even one couples baby)

we influence what we buy…(We have quite few more iPhones and one couple got a MacBook Pro…I like to think I influenced that…lol)

I could go on, but I hope you get the point. We truly enjoy being around each other, oh and I forgot to mention that we all literally live within 5 minutes of each other…seriously…we do.

We are living life together…not just church life…but life, life. I love it.

So this got me thinking about Ephesians 5:1-2 (MSG)

Watch what God does, and then you do it, like children who learn proper behavior from their parents. Mostly what God does is love you. Keep company with him and learn a life of love. Observe how Christ loved us. His love was not cautious but extravagant. He didn’t love in order to get something from us but to give everything of himself to us. Love like that.

We are to watch and then do…but how can we do, if we are not watching. Watching means that you have to be in the presence of God. When you are in the presence of someone constantly, their influence is there and you begin to like a sport you never knew or wear something new or say words like “BOOM!”

If we aren’t in the presence of God daily, then plain and simple we are big trouble because…



Life as a church planter as I know it…up till now

Man…It’s has been a crazy few weeks here in Austin. 

We officially launch our PLANTEDSTRONG.COM: $30,000 in 30 days today. Yes we are believing for that MUCH in that LITTLE of time. Crazy huh? 

well…not really when we have already experienced how crazy, awesome, spectacular things already.

So Why not this? 

Now let me say this…As a launch team, from day 1 we have been a “self-financed” church plant. Core team members have being giving to the church plant for months now. Some giving above and beyond and more. We have also had some other awesome people who have been donating as well. We are not a bunch of people asking for other peoples money and not doing anything about it. 

WE ARE PUTTING OUR MONEY WERE OUR MOUTH IS Continue reading “Life as a church planter as I know it…up till now”


I love our launch team…I will not apologize for saying that every time I talk about them. They encourage us so much, they challenge us so much, they make us laugh so much. They are the heart and soul of what Revive Church will be. This group of men and women decided to change what is normal for them and decided to try the un-normal…leaving the known and going into the unknown…I could go on but I will stop there.

This last weekend the launch team (minus Chris M.) all meet up in Dallas, Texas to be prayed over by our Network covering. It was so great having the entire team there. Prior to that we met up at Chili’s and during conversation I brought up something that me and Matt were discussing on the trip to Dallas. The topic here isn’t important but it is one of the topics that people in the church world have two very distinctive camps. Continue reading “THE MAIN THING…”


  • This past week has been weighing really heavy on me as far as the plant goes. It’s hard to explain and I am in no way complaining but it was like the weight was kicked up a notch. Which leads me to…
  • I love my wife, my family and our launch team. Last week was heavy and I am so grateful for every family member and good friend that is in my life right now.
  • We are still waiting to here back on the final written “OK” from the facility that we will be renting from. I think most of the heaviness has been this. We have so much waiting on the ok. We have graphics, media, card…everything ready to go with the location, but we are in “wait” mode until we get that approval letter…so we wait…I hate waiting!
  • I’m really digging Bob Schneider’s new album “A Perfect Day” (listening to it as I write this)…I’ve been a big Bob fan for over a decade. You can get his new album for $5 at Amazon
  • The more we explore and reacquaint ourselves with Austin, the more we love this city. I thank God that we are here and that we are planting a church.
  • The more we explore and hangout in our plant location, the more we know “This is the area” we are supposed to launch.
  • I honestly believe I have the best launch team  for this plant. We are an eclectic brood of people from different walks of life. We range in ages from 33 to 23, some are tattooed, others will never get one. Some dig on country music, other love hardcore scream music. Some are scared to drive in big city traffic, other drive like a bat outta hell, some love to dance, and some cant (and some are both). I say all that to say this. We are not a cookie cutter bunch. We are a group that is diverse in every sense of the word and are praying that Revive Church will be they same way.
  • In July we will be starting a bible study/community group. We will be going over the Book of Joshua in the Old Testament. I am excited for this next phase in our launch. More details on when and where coming soon.
  • We are under four months til we launch, it is so exciting
  • June is going to be a killer month for us travel wise. We go to Dallas, twice in two weeks, then we drive to Atlanta to visit family.


I thought these two random facts were worth mentioning…

1) The average age of our core launch team is 26.5 years old (Some of us older people mess the average up)

2) This is funny to me and maybe anyone else who has been in youth ministry during a “sex, love and dating” series. I have said multiple times on multiple occasion in many youth services to students “Do you know the chances of you marrying your high school sweet heart? Little to none! So get over it!”

Well shut my mouth…3 out of the 5 couples on our launch team are high school sweet hearts and one of them has been married 10 years. So there goes my theory huh?