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If this…then this

We just finished a series going over some of the missionary journey’s of the Apostle Paul. We talked about what do you do when opposition, disruption or chaos smacks us in the face. The┬áreoccurring theme for me personally was this. It amazes me that a lot of Christians believe this… If GOD is “in it”, […]

Monday Rundown…

Yesterday we as a new church had our very first Easter service, and all I can say is WOW. There is something special about “The First”. I remember the first time I held my wife’s hand, our first kiss, our first date. Firsts are normally pretty important and special and today was one of those […]

We Are Family…

As the launch team first starting meeting at the beginning of 2011, one of my main concerns was “Will these people all like each other?” The only common thread with all of them was me and my wife. So my prayer was “Oh, God please let them get along…and more than that, may we build […]

One Month to Live…

We at Revive Church are starting a new series on Jan 8th Called “ONE MONTH TO LIVE”. It isn’t an original series by us, we actually did at our last church in San Angelo at the beginning of 2010. It is a great series for us at Revive…with the new year, more people are receptive […]