Funny thing happened on the way to church…(part 4)

So we had the people, a place of our own, the rent was cheaper…YAY!!!

Not so fast.

After a great first Sunday afternoon service there was a down turn in attendance. So we stuck it out, we thought it was great, shoot, you could still sleep late and catch a late lunch, go to service and then dinner. However that wasn’t the case. It’s interesting how people can have something instilled in their mind and nothing can change it.

Water is wet, sky is blue, Church is on Sunday mornings and not on Sunday afternoons….hmmmm

We were in a pickle, this was a known risk, but man were we wrong. Here we go again trying to fix/figure something out.

Back to prayer!

So close to the end of 2012 we talked to Pastor Josh and told him our predicament to see if we could figure something out so we could also meet Sunday mornings.

It was during this time as well where Pastor Josh and I were talking about how crazy 2012 had been for both of us how we were looking forward to 2013. We both discussed that we felt something NEEDED TO CHANGE with both our congregations. We felt a change coming, what that change was we didn’t know, but change was coming and if you know humans we don’t like change.

Ealry 2013 and we figured out a way to meet in the mornings as a church and just before the super bowl too…talk about a close one. 🙂

It was also in January of 2013 where during our weekly meetings that a conversion came up, now I can’t divulge all the info of that meeting but I can tell you the main was this…



A non-denominational 1.5 years old church plant and a 50+ year old denominational church? could we come together? could we became a family community? could we really do this? Is this your will God? Could we be better together?

The conversation opened up to board our church boards thus propelling Revive Church Austin and Austin Grace Church into this dance to see could this really happen?

There were vocal opposition against this for various reasons I will not type, but trust me, it wasn’t fun.

We started this dance slow…imagine if you will two awkward 6th graders standing 3 feet away from each other and just turning circles on the dance floor.

That was us.

week to week, day to day I would go back and forth…

“Yes we could so do this!”


“Oh my God what have we done?!”

and the words came back to me…

“This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

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