another go around…

So there has been a long break since my last post…like since Nov. of 2012.

There are quite few excuses I can use for the long hiatus, but none of them are good enough. The purpose of this blog was to post thoughts of a church planter in the Austin, Texas Metro area. An area called the “grave yard” of failed church plants. Like an 80% failure rate.

Well to sum it up in short there are a 2 things why the long break:

1) Laziness: I usually pride my self on knocking stuff on my “to do” list, blogging always one of those on the list that “could wait”

2) Afraid: I have always tried to tow the line. Don’t wanna upset the group or that group. I’m a people pleaser. I got to stop doing that.

So I am going to give this another shot. What could it hurt right?

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