Left, Left,Left Right, Left…

Check this out.

I am equally talented with both of my hands. It’s weird, but I am. For example:

1) I write with my left hand, but I the guitar and throw with my right

2) I have my wallet and keys always on my left side, but wear my watch like a right handed person

3) I use a knife with my left hand, but then switch over and use a fork to pick it up…with my left hand

4) I open jars with my right hand, but use a hammer with my left

5) I use my razor with my right and brush my teeth with my left

5) I shoot a pistol with my left hand, but I am right eye dominate

Yup it’s weird, I am sure I am not the only person with this funky ways, in fact our 7 year boy is like me in some way. He is right handed and he plays the guitar as a south paw.

The funny thing is way back in the day when I was in kinder my teacher almost held me back.


I wasn’t able to “cut” things properly. I was so bad that it looked like I was trying to chew things off instead of cutting it. And for that reason…I would have repeated kinder.

I remember my mom having a meeting with my teacher and she voiced her concern about my progress of cutting and writing. When the teacher had me demonstrate to my mom my lack of cutting skills, my mom interrupted the teacher by saying…”Don’t you know my boy is left handed? That’s why he is having problems. Let him try left handed”

And with that, I did the switch and BOOM! I wrote correctly, and til this day my scissor skills are still suspect, but I passed. The entire school year when I put the pencil or scissors in my left hand the teacher would “correct” me and place it in my right.

In one brief moment at the tender age of 5  I went from failure to success  by one quick motion of moving my pencil from right to left.

Sometimes it is those simple changes that can course correct life…Don’t under estimate those daily choices, for in them will your life unfold.



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