Lucky #7

On August 31st, 2005 a boy by the name Cephas Alexander Ortiz was born in Round Rock, Texas. I say it every year, but wow, where has the years gone. My boy is 7 today and in those short 7 years he has lived in 2 states, 3 cities, 3 youth ministries and he has helped us plant Revive church (oh yeah, it’s a family commitment).

He never ceases to amaze me. With his random quoting of movies, to his creative side or drawing and coloring, to his wanting to be a rock star and many more things…if you know him, you know what I am talking about. I love this kid. He has changed my life and I am better man because of him.  

I can not believe that I get the honor to raise such an extraordinary boy. I see so much of me and so much of my wife in him, but my heart’s desire is to see Jesus in him. May God show me grace, mercy and patience to raise him and that my life be such a reflection of Jesus to him and may that be the greatest treasure/heirloom I leave behind for all our kids.


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