30 days

Been out of the social media machine for the last 30 days. I do this twice a year or so. It’s healthy for me (anyone) to just “unplug”. Here is what I missed out on while I was away

Posting about:

1) The whole chickfila controversy…I used to call it “Christian Chicken”, now I call it “Controversial Chicken”. 

2) The Olympics…Michael Phelps is a “BOSS”! Usain Bolt…I just don’t know. USA men not the fastest sprinters anymore (sad). The USA women’s team picked up the men’s slack.

3) My boy started the first grade this week and his birthday is tomorrow.

4) Our kids said and did some awesome things this last month. Kinda sad I couldn’t share it…does that make me a narcissist?

5) I missed this awesome video…


6)  We added a new addition to our Revive team. Mark “don’t be” Hasty joined us this week as well. He is our creative arts guy. Excited that he is on board with us.

7) I am continually amazed by God’s goodness and grace…WOW

8) Revive’s one year anniversary is fast approaching (or as I continue to say “we are about to end year zero”)

9) Leading is hard…being a good leader is harder…being an inspirational leader is hardest. I want to be an inspirational leader.

10) I am a blessed man (family, church family, wife, kids, friends, life) 

11) I have had some amazing talks with pastors in this past month. Pastor Matt from Alaska and Pastor Trey from The Exchange Church in P’ville.

I am really looking forward to September. We start a brand new series called…

It’s a series where we will discuss these topics

9/16: How can there be ONLY one way to God?
9/23: Christianity is too restrictive
9/30: The Church is responsible for so much injustice
10/7: How could a loving God send someone to hell?
10/14: But science has disproved the bible
10/21: You can’t really trust the bible
THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD! Join us on Sept. 16th @ 5pm. So sleep in and join us. We meet at 1006 w. koenig, Austin, TX 78756 (we meet in the back bldg.) And to all our 1st time guests we have some nice gifts for you.

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