Leading V. Managing part 2

So this managing v. leading thing. When it hit me, my mind went to the restaurant industry. I have a few friends that are servers in different establishments and I recall having conversations about managers of the restaurant. That’s what they do…they manage the protocol set from corporate and follow it as close as possible. They manage the sets of procedures that need to be done for the day and make sure that the protocol is followed. Now I understand that not all places may not operate like this, but I speak in generalizations. But also isn’t in the name? M-A-N-A-G-E-R

Their titles are managers, not leaders

They manager a process. 

So when I looked at I was doing, I saw the exact same thing. I was managing a process of church and not leading the church. My mindset was everyone knows their job on Sunday and various days of the week and if I don’t hear anything, then everything is all good. I was waiting for a “fire” to then figure out a way to prevent the same “fire” to happen next time. 

Managing allowed me to sit…or shall I say it allowed me to “hide” behind our systems and processes. It’s allowed to see if everything was working, but that gave me a false sense of calm. 

In these short 9 months as a church it allowed me to get comfortable. Mistake!

I needed to look beyond our systems and processes and not be happy at where we are at…I needed to look past that and blaze a path to where we are going.

Now there is something to be said about being content with the here and now, but if you aren’t prepping for the future (in anything) then you are in big trouble of not making it further than you already are. 

In my next post I will write about how all if it was my fault and what changes we are making to right the ship as we prepare to go into year two of Revive. 

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