Leading v. Managing part 1

So our family took an early vacation this year. It was our first one in two years and we are grateful to my aunt who let us use her time share. We wanted the beach, but anything in June was already booked. So we headed to the piney woods of east Texas and stayed at a resort on Lake Palestine. 

We had a great time there. We are a simple family. Our days consisted of:   

1) Wake up

2) Quite time

3) Breakfast

5) Pool

6) Lunch

7) Play Wii

8) Nap

9) Dinner

10) Pool

12) Sleep

13) Repeat

I was relaxing and refreshing. We hardly had any cell service and no 3G. At first that was scary, but ended up be a blessing. So during our time there, I just had a lot of time to sit, think, pray and meditate. This was really my first break in about 18 months, with moving, planning and launching Revive Church, time away was hard to do. 

While on vacation it gave me time to look over the past 9 months of Revive Church and to look ahead. A phrase during my downtime kept playing in my head. I dare say it is a new coined phrase, and I am sure I have heard it somewhere as well, but the phrase was…

“You aren’t leading…you are managing”

I didn’t like hearing this, not one bit. It hurt my spirit and if I can be honest it really hurt my pride. But as I began to trek back in how as the lead pastor of revive I lead, I began to see that I wasn’t operating as a lead pastor, but as a reluctant leader… and I wasn’t a lead pastor, I was a managing pastor. This had to change. 

So for the next few posts I am going to dive in to a few areas in how I am going to change this managing V. leading dilemma. 

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