If this…then this

We just finished a series going over some of the missionary journey’s of the Apostle Paul. We talked about what do you do when opposition, disruption or chaos smacks us in the face. The reoccurring theme for me personally was this.

It amazes me that a lot of Christians believe this…

If GOD is “in it”, then it will be “easy”

If GOD isn’t “in it”, then it will be “difficult” 

Where in the world did we get that? I mean look at the old and new testaments and we see people of God go through some bad, bad things. For many it didn’t end well. So where did we get this? When did we become a people when things go bad we use this “maybe God isn’t in it?”

For us as a married couple (we will be married 9 yrs in 9 days) if that was the case. If we would’ve believed that, then in all honesty we would have never have gotten married. Seriously, we went through so much chaos while engaged we could’ve just ended it and say to ourselves…”yeah, this is not of God”. What a mistake that would have been. What a horrible error.

Some things are worth fighting for, some things you have to fight for.

Acts 27 tells the account of Paul getting shipped to Rome and enroute they hit a bad storm, Paul is assured that everyone will make it alive if they stay in the boat. When it is all said and done the boat is destroyed but some make it to land via swimming, via debris and other various things. 

This jumped out to me. God said they would stay alive if they stayed in the boat (if they listened to him) and they all did. However he never told them how. I’m sure many thought “great! the boat is gonna make it to shore”, never did they expect to have to swim to shore..but the made it!

The same way holds true for us. We follow God’s leading…we don’t give up when it gets hard, when the storms come, when all hell breaks loose. And realize that even when “GOD is in it” that the storms come and when they do come know that we will make it. It may not be like you think, but you will make it. 

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