Weigh-in Weds

Week three of the ViSalus 90 day challenge. Here is the break down for that week

1) Diet has been ok, not stellar, but better than last week. What I have noticed and it is something I am thinking about when I eat and that is portion control. While eating better is hard, the portion control is something that I am getting a grip on. Now if I can add the better choices that would be awesome. I’m getting there. You will see. 

2) Workout this week consisted of 2 workouts with “Insanity” and 1 gym workout with 20 min run and modified circuit. Here is where I thought I would be ok, and I am sure I am, but it’s boring me. So I am going to change up my workout routine. Still 3 times a weeks but here is a quick break down.

             a) running: 1 mile (Sprint the straight aways, walk the curves)

             b) weights:

                         Monday – Back, Legs & Abs  

                        Wednesday – Chest, Tri’s & Abs

                        Friday – Shoulders, Bi’s & Abs

3) ViSalus Supplements 

           a) Meal replacements are still bueno. Seems like I am having them the most on the mornings. My wife made a choco, banana and cherry shake. It tastes awesome!

           b) Gonna start using Vi-slim with all my workouts starting Monday…I am very un-motivated to go and work out so it takes me a bit  to get in the “groove” so I am gonna start using Vi-slim for the kick I need. 

Ok so week 3 again only 1 LBS. I think with my workout modified and better food choices next week will be a better week. Watch and see.

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