Wednesday Weigh-In

Week two of the ViSalus 90 day challenge. Here is the break down for that week

1) Diet, diet, diet. Was out of town for a wedding and had about 5 bad meals this week. Still learning how to keep my body in check with my diet. It’s harder than I thought.

2) I’ve only worked out twice in the past seven days. 20 minutes of jogging at a 5.5 to 5.9 MPH. Still with my modified cardio

3) ViSalus Supplements:

a) still liking the meal replacements. With the variations my wife is making with them, they aren’t “getting old” at all. I am varying between 1 to 2 shakes a day depending on how I have eaten for the day

b) Neuro and Vi-Trim stilling working

c) I tried Vi-Slim this week. The directions say to take them for a fat burner and to boost metabolism and to take them with a  beverage, but here is what I am doing with it. Reading the ingredient list for Vi-Slim, it is hopped up on caffeine. Most of the blend is caffeine, so what I did is I used it for my pre-work out “pick me up”. I took 2 pills about 25 minutes before I worked out and it gave me a nice “kick” during my workout. I have tried Universal Shock Therapy, SciVation, BSN,  Controlled labs White Flood and while these are different in some aspects mainly the Nitric Oxide that Vi-Slim doesn’t have, the “kick” to Vi-slim is very comprable to the other brands.

So the results after a worse week than week 1?

I LOST 1 LBS…It’s eh, but I need to keep my diet in better shape.


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