Monday Rundown…

Yesterday we as a new church had our very first Easter service, and all I can say is WOW. There is something special about “The First”. I remember the first time I held my wife’s hand, our first kiss, our first date. Firsts are normally pretty important and special and today was one of those kinda firsts.

Words can not explain the joy in my heart about today. It is amazing when you catch a glimpse of “what could be” or shall I say “what will be”. It was awesome seeing so many new people, hands lifted in worship, conversations left and right. We talked so much after service that we had to hurry up and tear down way faster than normal, but that was quite all right with me.

You see, what I am learning is that “church” doesn’t end on Sunday at 12pm. No, Church is barely starting at 12pm on a Sunday. We as a body of believers have a mission that is placed upon us…to make disciples, to proclaim the Good news of Jesus, to love the Lord with all our heart, mind and soul…and the big one….TO LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS AS WE LOVE OURSELVES.

That is our mission…that is what we are called to do. While our service was Awesome…our numbers we near double, great worship, good word, the kids church was rocking, people connecting. All of that was awesome but my heart filled with joy and with a “Yes!” when I found out this:

1) We have some transplants that moved from San Angelo, Texas to join us on the plant and today we had a few visitors that live in the area but are from San Angelo. So what do they do? Well they all had an after service picnic on the lawn of the state capitol. Stinking cool!

2) Heard also that a couple who invited their neighbors to church (and they came) also enjoyed a meal after service with their family. Awesome!

3) A few families from revive headed downtown to join Austin New Church for their annually Easter service to the homeless of Austin. This is their fourth year in doing this. Every Easter Austin New Church cancels their morning service and have service with the down and out. It was so cool seeing people from all walks of life listening to music, chowing down some burgers, ice cream and watermelon. Seeing people not caring what status you hold or how much your car is worth. For that time, we were just people.

church doesn’t end on Sunday…it’s just the beginning.

Check out our special from Sunday…


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