I’m fat and skeptical…what do I have to lose?

Yup…I’m fat. I am ok to admit that because I am going to do something about it and track my progress here. Why do it here? Well I am starting with the 90 day challenge by ViSalus. I am a little skeptical if this will work (ViSalus has blown up in the supplement market), but I have nothing to lose. For years I was way into weight lifting. I researched my lifting products from what forms of whey protein are best, multi-vitamin, pre and post workout drinks, fat burners, fish oils…yeah the whole 9 I did. I even for a few years before they were banned was took Andro.

So I am not a newbie when it comes to supplements or living healthy…I just got lazy, real lazy. I see my wife who has birthed our two kiddos and she is hot, fit and in good shape…and then there is me…I’m 34, fat and would pass out running a mile right now. Well that is going to change starting today.

In conjunction with the ViSalus Shake (for meal replacement), Vi-Slim (to me with all the ingredients looks like a good pre-workout supplement to get you kick started), Vi-Trim (as an appetite suppressant during the mid-afternoon hours. I will only be using 1 a day) and lastly Neuro for a energy boost when needed (and cheaper than a Monster, Red Bull, etc.). I am also doing a modified Paleo diet and will work out 3 times a week (light lifting and cardio)

So here goes nothing…ViSalus 90 days challenge here I come!

I am not going to do the whole body fat measurements, because that’s not important to me right now, my goals are:

1) lose between 25 and 30 pounds in the 90 days (starting weight is 227)

2) fit into my waist 34 jeans (I wear a very tight fitting 36)

3) run a 5k

Simple goals, but mean a lot to me…So let’s see how this goes. As a pastor it is important (to me) to be in good physical condition. As pastors our lives are busy, busy, busy and the easiest thing to neglect are our eating habits, health and physical appearance. I need to turn that around.

So every Wednesday on my blog I am devoting it to “Weigh-in Wednesday”, I will break down how I am doing on my lifestyle change of eating, running, lifting and my HONEST opinions of these Visalus products.

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  1. Way to go Ray!! I know exactly how you feel! I am still on my weight loss journey, 20 lbs to go! You know, that day that you make the decision to actually do something about it…..great day! What is even better is when you have people cheering you on, not pulling you down! So, I will here to cheer you on! I wish I had thought of this blog thing back when I started! I have to say it again…WAY TO GO RAY!

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