6 months later

It has been around 6 months since we have launched Revive and in short I can tell you that our HIGHS are HIGH and our LOWS are real LOW. It’s amazing that this can change from week to week. One week you catch a glimpse of what could be. People show up, the worship is on point, the message resonates with the people, thee offering is awesome, the people are connecting and you kinda just take it all in with a “Yeah, this is what it is about.”

And then you have those weeks in which you start later hoping people are just running late, you feel like you just preached the worst message in the world and you might be a heretic with a statement or two that was made and the people who are there rush out of service without connecting or talking to anyone.

Yup…Both weeks have happened, sometimes one after another or in multiple weeks in a row.It’s really crazy, when I am not in that moment like now…cause now I enjoying my time at a local coffee shop, but looking at them I smile and I am thankful. Here is why

I am thankful for the HIGH HIGHS because it show us “what could be”, I love these services, we need these services. 

I am thankful for the LOW LOWS because it shows us that “without God in the mix” we are stuck. I am not saying that during these weeks that is the case, I really have no explanation on why theses weeks do happen, but to me it’s a reminder that we can do all the right things, say all the right things, look and act like a church, but if God isn’t there then we are in big, big trouble.

And in all of it, it is amazing to see God’s faithfulness in all of this. Plain and simple. God has been faithful to this church plant and it fills my heart with hope, with courage and the determination to complete and excel in the work God has called us to do.  

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