I was wrong…and I’m ok with that

We had been on a two week break from having service. We planted a church in a year in which Christmas and New Years fall on a Sunday. Not too bright huh?

For all intents and purposes we could have had church both Sundays…but we decided against it. Why? You see every Sunday a custodian from the school has to be there on Sunday as well. Not only do they have to be there but they have to be there one hour before we get there to set up and also one hour after we leave to clean. So we did not want to take the janitor away from his/her family for 6 hours on these days.

To be honest. The weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year’s, I began to have second thoughts about this. I mean, we were slowly building up momentum. For a new church that is big! So now we come back from a two week break and my thought was… “will anyone show up? Will we lose people? Will we gain people? Will I be rusty to preach? Will we still be a well oiled machine on set up and tear down?”

I worried…I really did…I really thought we made a big mistake.


We came back on January 8th, 2012 as our first service of the year, and it was like we didn’t miss a beat! The team was pumped and refreshed and knocked it out of the park. We saw familiar faces and new faces. This happend both Jan 8th and 15th services. So color me tickled about this. I know there was a big Church (church as a whole) debate on to have or not have service on Christmas day. We decided not to and have a “serve you city/love your city” day instead. I think that’s the best thing we have done so far as a new church.

Donating 42 back packs filles with everything you can imagine and giving away at least 150 breakfast tacos was a BIG deal to us. Being still in our infant stage as a church we are creating the DNA for revive and one of my prayers was that we will be a missional minded, service oriented, justice acting (doing) church. December 25th was a big step for us.

So while others might not have suspended service for two weeks like and honestly I was one of them that didn’t want to, we got to see our hearts open wide for the need that is in Austin.

Those two weeks were so worth it



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