It was different back then…

I played football in the late 1980’s and 1990’s…Yes I am in my 30’s. I remember the game of football being different back then. It was brutal, rough and if you couldn’t handle it, you quit. In my short years playing I have seen some pretty hardcore things (to me).

1) I was hit so hard on one play during a playoff game that the pressure from the hit broke my nose.

2) During a scrimmage underclassman verses Varsity I saw a varsity player get so upset at the underclassman that after a play the varsity player literally pulled the face mask off the underclassman’s helmet (it was an oler helmet) and began punching him with it.

3) During the offseason we would have a week (or two) of hell. It was called victory camp. The coaches would push you to your limit and beyond. There were different stations in which a group of players would be in and would rotate until all stations were complete. Here is the kicker. We would repeat it everyday until the coaches decided if we had a “PERFECT DAY”. Oh and by each station there were big trash cans…so if you had to blow chunks you would do it there and continue with station.

On one of these particular days my group was in the weight room, some of the freshman were moved up with the upperclassmen. This was my group. A spattering of freshman, sophomores and juniors. So we were in he weight room and a freshman was near passing out and couldn’t get into a good “hitting stance”. Well the coach left us in that stance (which burns the thighs) until ALL of us were in the perfect stance. Frustrated a junior bum rushed the freshman and just beat on the dude for at least a good minute or so. The coached watched for that time, then blew his whistle.

Why I am posting this? I really don’t know…it was different back then. I remember owning a VHS…yes VHS of Dick Butkus and seeing him and the way he hit and seemingly wanting to kill the person made me want to be a better running back. I ran into a youtube video of him and man…times have changed. Check out the video.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

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