2011 Year in review…

What can I say about this year? So much has happened good, bad, stress, victory and defeat. Here is a run down of what happened in 2011.

1. We step down from our youth pastor roles in San Angelo, Texas to plant a church in Austin, Texas

2. We move into our home during one of the coldest Feb. days on record

3. Wheels begin to roll on the planting of Revive Church

4. In April Revive Church becomes a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit org.

5. Revive launch team starts moving into the Austin area and we begin meeting as a small group

6. We start to attend Austin New Church and our world is rocked

7. Revive hold it first outreach/pic-nic and over 75 attend 

8. We begin meet as a bible study and invite people to join us

9. McCallum High School agrees to allow us to meet in their facilities (this is a big miracle since they have not allowed  a church to meet there in over 20 years)

10. Start to fundraise for $30,000 in 30 days 

11. We fall short of our $30,000 goal…but proceed ahead 🙂

12. During this time people and churches from different places are blessing our socks off…as a church and to our family

13. We begin to make major purchases for revive church

14. mailer, door hangers and water bottle hand outs happen one week prior to launch


16. We as a family are being continually blessed by friends who we are eternally grateful for

17. December 11th…Anthony Kendig preaches for the first time at Revive Church

18. On December 12th I am admitted to University Medical Hospital with a bleeding GI tract and H Pylori (was there for 2 days)

19. December 18th…Revive picks up it’s first “end of the year offering” over $3,300 was donated. Pretty good for a 50 something member church.

20. Revive gave 40 back packs to the homeless of Austin which included…food, toiletries, socks, caps, gloves, etc. on Christmas Day…so much need in this town. 


I am sure I have missed a lot of highlights from the year, but this is what has stuck out to me. So much more has happened but I decided to leave it at 20. As we approach 2012, I sit as look back at 2011 and think…

“Holy Crap! That was one year?”

So much has happened in one year…it feels like two, but I would not change it for the world. I was told that planting a church would be one of the hardest things you can do. I knew that going in, and they were right. It’s hard…real hard. Like up in the middle of the night crying and praying to God…

“God you gotta do something! You need to intervene!”

Yup those have been my prayers…not shameful in admitting it.

So as 2012 rears it’s head (end of the world?) we (the revive leadership and others) feel like 2012 is “OUR YEAR”. Not in an arrogant or an entitlement sentiment, but in the sense that we can feel momentum (God) moving with our church plant. The prayers, the faithfulness, the excitement and the movement we are going feels like the perfect storm for God to rock our world.

I am sure it will not look like the way I think it should look…but when God is in it, it never does…CHEERS!




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