Never at ease (I’m still working at it)

Well my posting has be sporadic at best. A lot going on in life, at church and most of all in me. I’ll admit it, I am (was) a professional Christian. I have been walking with God (whole heartedly) for a decade now and most of that….most of it has been smooth sailing. Now we have had some rough times…contract not renewed for a job, car stolen, rejected for a ministry position I loved all in a matter of weeks. Oh and while my wife was very pregnant with our first born.

Trials, hardships, tests…however you want to label them, we all go through them. I’ve been through them, so while the process of planting revive church I knew…I knew that individually we would go through trials, hardships, test, etc. and as a church as a whole the same. I knew this. I did, I read church planting blogs, read church planting books, talked to church planters in the area. They all said, “It’s hard, real hard.”

So these trials, tests, hardships that have come thus far haven’t been a surprise. We haven’t been blindsided by any of it, but the reality of it is still hard, and one would think that through my experience one would think I would be able to handle this.


In all my life experience, bible study, praying and relationship with God. I am not…honestly. Since the launch of Revive Church my life (personally) has been this cycle of hills and valleys. Wins and losses. Gratitude and regret and I hate it. It’s like being in this constant state of motion and emotion. 

But in all of this…I (we) can’t stop. While up until now this is the hardest thing we have ever tried. All of it…the triumphs, the crying, the worrying, the planning, the praying…all of it. We know that in the end.


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