Just gotta relax…

Ok…want to hear, oh I am sorry READ something funny?

I can’t be happy and just relax when it comes to Revive Church. While I guess to some extent that is to be expected, but seriously I can’t.


So we are a new church right? and well there are certain goals that we set as a team just for metrics sake. So of course we use headcount and offerings. This isnt the be all end all of the overall church health, but we track these two.

Around week 7 we looked at both of these metrics and both of these were steady but stagnate already. Headcount¬†fluctuated, but the offerings weren’t where they had to be. During this time we also started our Monday night corporate prayer meetings. As a church we began to pray over both of these.

The next sunday rolls around and we are up in headcount and offering is a bit over double than normal, then the next Sunday rolls around and guess what? same things. Numbers are good and offering was great. This last Sunday repeated the following two Sundays. Wow, awesome, great no?!?!?

It’s funny ¬†(not really), but knowing that we needed to see something give in these two areas, I was stressed, praying, pleading with God “YOU GOTTA DO SOMETHING”…and well something was done and things have changed.

Soooooo….my stressing is over right? I mean three weeks in a row isn’t a fluke right?


Now and allow me to be honest here…now my thought is “Oh, God! Now you did it! Don’t play with me, now you have to sustain this!!!”

I can’t relax (I’m trying), now please don’t think I don’t have a “thankful heart” cause I do, but these are the times that I am living in.

Praying for a miracle and then praying for that miracle to last.

Oh ye of little faith? Maybe…but I know I am learning and growing and that’s what it’s all about right?

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