Confession…I Lack faith

It’s amazing how fortunes can turn on a dime isn’t? Like one minute your are on top of the world and the next minute life spits you out like you are nothing. 

 I’ve noticed a pattern since we launched revive church Austin…not a good one. You see since we launched in september we have been having two awesome weeks in a row and on the third week…BAM!!! Weird, awkward, yucky service. 

Like something is off and it’s hard to put your finger on, but it has been a constant since  launch, and the range has been weird as well, from majorly over sleeping, grabbing two left shoes…to me not being very pastorally and yelling at our set up team…you know things like that.

So that’s been our routine unfortunately since launch. So me knowing this bit of information I emailed our plant team and volunteers and asked them to pray because I am not cool with the pattern, not one bit. So we prayed…

 Yesterday (Sunday) rolls around and I get this knot in my stomach…”Oh God this is going to happen again isn’t it?” So we are driving to church and I tell my wife this…

“we are headed for another one of these Sunday’s…we have a sub drummer this Sunday and what if she gets lost trying to find the school, and our friends the Moore’s had our daughter and some family stay the night at their place. What if they didn’t get enough sleep or had a horrible night?”

We arrive and the school and begin set up, the drummer arrives with Chris…check one off the list…The Moore’s arrive on time and while a bit tired, are ok…check two off the list. 

 We finish setup, pre-service prayer, sound check… 

 The countdown starts…1:00 left on the countdown, no one is here, like no people but our launch team. I turned to my wife and said “see, I told you”. We begin service and by midway through the first song people are filing into the cafeteria and by the end of the song we are more than 1/2 filled.

 So at the end of the day we had a great service and a great turnout…and this lesson in all of this?

 My faith at times fails in times that I need it to be strong.  I thank God that he is patient with me and that my lack of faith at times doesn’t trump anything that is God wants to do through revive.

I’m still learning…I’m still growing…thank you God for not giving up on me, when at times I give up on myself.




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