Wow almost a month has past since I have posted anything on this site. Sad, sad, sad. No excuse really. I could say time was an issue, but it really isn’t…I think since my life and the reason I started blogging was because I wanted to record the journey of being a follower of Christ, A husband, a father, a church planter and at times a failure…is how “open” will I really be about all of it. Will I just say the awesome stuff that happens? Will I tell you of my personal struggles, my failures, my shortcomings? How open will I be?

Well I have decided on how “OPEN” I will be and you will see…soon.

Since we have launched we have had some great things happen and some NOT so great things happen, and through all of this I know I  should be blogging this. Maybe it could help someone other human out in the crazy endeavor of mixing church, life and family in a 24/7 spiral that is church planting, but even more than church planting…we are trying to reach a city, and how to do that is tough.

Missional, Attractional, Incarnational?   If you just went “WHA?” with those 3 words that’s ok, but what I am learning is that people normal non-churched people don’t care what “Kind” of church you are.

In our 2nd week of revive two people (probably in their early 40’s) came to revive and asked one of our ushers “Is this a church for the younger generation?” to which our usher replied “no sir, this is a church for everyone”. From then on the couple has been to revive every week and now has brought a friend the last 4 weeks.

What I am learning is that “INTENTIONAL” is the way to go


INTENTIONAL in listening


INTENTIONAL in caring for people

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