Finding out stuff I didn’t know…

  • I didn’t know that planting a church would bring up such things in my past
  • I didn’t know that I would be so tired on Monday mornings after church. I guess there is such an adrenaline rush from speaking that I am completely drained until Monday afternoons.
  • I didn’t know that we all would be so excited when a new visitor responded “Yeah, I got your door hanger and checked out your website and decided to come” would make all of us so happy
  • I didn’t know that I had the greatest team in the world (I knew they were great, but this is phenomenal)
  • I didn’t know that it would be so hard for me to make a weekly schedule. I need to make one and stick to it
  • I didn’t know that it would be harder to eat right and keep in shape…I need to stop making excuses
  • I didn’t know how emotionally draining all this would be. Believe me it is.
  • I didn’t know how awesome the feeling would be every Sunday. To see a group of people transform a high school cafeteria and classrooms into a church.
  • I didn’t know how much of the encouragement the team gives me really helps (not stroking the ego, but genuine encouragement)
  • I didn’t know how fantastic my bride is…don’t get me wrong, I knew she was great, but she is my rock, my friend, my help mate.

There are many more but just wanted to jot these down for now…

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