Life as a church planter as I know it…up till now

Man…It’s has been a crazy few weeks here in Austin. 

We officially launch our PLANTEDSTRONG.COM: $30,000 in 30 days today. Yes we are believing for that MUCH in that LITTLE of time. Crazy huh? 

well…not really when we have already experienced how crazy, awesome, spectacular things already.

So Why not this? 

Now let me say this…As a launch team, from day 1 we have been a “self-financed” church plant. Core team members have being giving to the church plant for months now. Some giving above and beyond and more. We have also had some other awesome people who have been donating as well. We are not a bunch of people asking for other peoples money and not doing anything about it. 


We have financial and character accountability set up in the form of our church network covering and a board of directors of trusted and respected men that have full disclosure over every aspect of the church plant when needed. We are aren’t a rouge church plant of misfits thinking that we can “DO” church better than the churches we came from…NO that is not the case.

We love the church as a whole, we love the city of Austin, we love the community in which we are planting in.

We as a  church plant could’ve gone with multiple church planting networks that helped financially with church plants and other great resources and/or connections, but in the end we went with an up start church planting network. We love the people that head up this network…we are “cut from the same cloth” per se.

While we may be doing things the “hard” way as some may see…I see it as we are doing it the way GOD wants us to do it. No doubt we are doing this by faith…and walking by faith (not naiveness) is really hard when you have to do it.

On this journey we have seen people help us that we thought wouldn’t and the people that we thought would…have not. Reality hurts, but it doesn’t deter us from our ultimate goal…

Planting a church in central Austin…a church for people who need and want a second chance.


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  1. Miss you guys! Excited for you! No you are not a ROUGE group of misfits or a ROGUE group LOL! I am very excited to see what GOD will be doing in the near future through your faith undertaking! I know you, and I know your church will be a one-of -a-kind place to connect with God and other people!!
    Alyssa and David are doing well, had some life changing experiences at YFN. Ramiro Jr is their pastor now, and they are very happy. The group runs between 40 and 60, they have a Sunday school type of thing going now, and they are super excited about impacting their schools. Daniel our oldest is in the Air Force, just waiting on Basic Training orders. TTYL!

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