Mid-Week Mind Dump…


We had a very productive week as a church plant team. On Saturday we found a few items we needed to launch at a great price. In the end we wound up saving over $1,700 in what we thought we would spend. I call that a win!

The Ortiz family was blessed with a $1,000 check to help support us…this was a HUGE, HUGE blessing to us. I may have teared up a little bit…may have.

we start our small groups this Sunday @ 6pm

I still break out every now and then…I thought this would be over after my teen years

We stride closer to our launch date of 9/18…this makes me so happy and so scared…more happy than scared though

It is official…we have kicked off “PLANTED STRONG” check out the video and then go to www.plantedstrong.com to see more.


Planted Strong from Revive Church on Vimeo.

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