So I am at the Gym lifting and I have my workout mix going in my iPod and if you know me I like my music rather hard and agressive. However there is one song that I do sneak in there…it is K-Ci & JoJo circa 1997 with their hit song “All my Life” Take a listen


Major Cheese? You bet…

But this isn’t the version I listen to…it’s this one with a bit more hair on it…


While the song is very 90’s in it’s content, I still love it and here is why…

Back in Bible college I remember turning 25…I was single, recently broke up with a current relationship and….drum roll please….fathered a child out of wedlock (before I went to Bible College). So there I am working with the summer youth camp at the bible college sitting next to a close friend of mine and I remember freaking out…

“I’m 25, I have no prospects, I’m getting older, I have a kid out of wedlock…this is not good…this is not good”

While I didn’t say all of that to my friend, my friend got the point and comforted me. But still the thought ran in my head…”Will I ever get married? Will I really know what love is/means? Will she understand my past mistakes?

Little did I know at the time…but that friend…about a year later became my wife. The hardest thing I ever had to do was after telling her…”Hey, I really, really like you” was “Before this can even go forward I have to tell you…(big breath) I have a son”

So as we go back to the song “all my life”…this is my Anthem to my wife. 

She is the most wonderful thing God has blessed me with. A woman with infinite patience for me and our kids. A woman who believes in me, a woman that is a great wife, mother and friend. A woman that has been right by my side for all these years.

I can not believe that someone so awesome can love me! But yet…this is true. I am so blessed…Thank You GOD.


All My Life 
I Prayed For Someone Like You 
And I Thank God 
That I..That I Finally Found You  


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  1. I love your wife too…not in the same way of course. lol She has blessed my life tremendously and I am so thankful for her. She listened to me vent when I was looking for a job, when I found one she took care of my daughter when I was in a pinch, she encourages me when I want to quit and she’s smart so I try to use big words when I e-mail her. 😉

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