• We had our first pre-launch picnic this last weekend and it went great! We had 69 people show up. It was great connecting with all of them. It was a great “beginning” for us as a church
  • Had some very meaningful conversations with people at the picnic…there are a lot of hurting people out there…the Church has a lot of work to do
  • I have been convicted lately…I am a consumer…I take more than I give…I need, I have to change that
  • I love the fact that our kids listen to “our” music and not the other way around. No Barney or Veggietales in the car…EVER
  • I wrote the last statement because while I am writing this I am listening to Linkin Park and the kids had their guitars and where lip-syncing to the music
  • I truly have the best parents in the world…
  • I have the best wife in the world…
  • I have the best kids in the world…
  • I have the best launch team in the world…
  • Thank you God for the best
  • We start our Re:Groups (Small Groups) on 7/24 @ 6pm…I am excited to speak on the book of Joshua

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