Last week we packed our bags and headed east to Atlanta, Georgia to visit my wife’s family and the new addition baby Wyatt (sis in law baby). While in Atlanta I talked to various people. Apparently I have a slight accent that is not the norm in Atlanta so immediately people knew that I wasn’t from around the area. So the question was asked (a lot)…

“Where are you from?”

To which I proudly answer…”Austin”

And the answer every time (at least 6) was…”The live music capital of the world”

It’s amazed me to see that people half a country away knows the slogan of the city that I live in. 

Marketing works…

While most of the people have never been to Austin and have never experienced “The live music capital of the world”, their perception is that indeed, Austin IS “The live music capital of the world”

I recently read a book called “Buzz Marketing” and something stuck out to me, and it basically was stated like this…”marketing is the managing of perception”

People from all over, who have never been to Austin, know Austin as “The live music capital of the world” and if they ever come to Austin, that is what they expect.

This got me thinking about THE CHURCH…what are people’s perception of the church? (we can go on about this) How is THE CHURCH marketing and are we delivering what we are marketing? 

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