• Yesterday was my birthday…I turned 34…I don’t know what 34 should feel like…so…uh…yeah
  • Recently returned from Atlanta with a quick trip to Destin, Florida. Great time there but so glad to be back home in Austin
  • Did you know that 92 and humid feels way hotter than 102 and no humidity? 
  • Whilst in Atlanta I was asked many times where I was from. To which my answer was “Austin”…and every single time the person’s response was “The live music capital of the world huh?”
  • We have our Revive Church picnic this saturday…why don’t you join us? I can school you in sand volley ball…here is more information <CLICK HERE>
  • Learning that we (people) all love heros and many of us want to be a hero…but we just want the “hero” status and not the sacrifice and hard work to become one.
  • We are starting our PLANTEDSTRONG.COM campaign soon…check it out
  • We are down to one couple still needing to make it to Austin…and they will be here the 1st week of August. Woot!
  • Welcome to AUSTIN, Michael and Erica Vogt. You are officially in the best city in the nation. It is an honor to call you friends and so humbled that you have joined us in the incredible journey to plant Revive Church

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