The past few months my 5 year old boy (almost 6) has been big on the ASTRO BOY movie…and I blame myself. I was tired of watching the same animated movies one day and picked one he had never watched before. My boy fell in love with this movie.

I mean what 5 year old wouldn’t? A boy brought back to life as a robot who can fly, shoot rockets and has machine guns in his butt. The movie its self isn’t that bad…it’s not that good either. You can tell that Nicholas Cage “cashed it in” while do his voice over and the storyline was eh.

None the less my boy loves this movie…you know how I know?

Recently my boy is trying to fly…oh yes F-L-Y, FLY. I remember seeing him in the living room jumping, just jumping, jump, jump, jumping. I remember asking him what was wrong and he said “Dad…I can’t fly dad, I want to fly like Astro boy”, to which I told him “pookie (nickname), you can’t fly bud”

He was not happy with that at all. But did that stop him? NOOOOOOOOOO…

A day or so later I catch him putting red legos in his socks and then trying to put his sock on. So I asked…”Son, what are you doing?”, he said “Dad, these are rockets boosters to help me fly.” Needless to say he didn’t fly…he could even put on his socks with all the legos in there.

Then the drawings started to happen likes these…He even made an “Astro Boy Girl”. Yeah don’t get me started.


So the zenith of this whole Astro Boy thing came last Sunday. We were taking the kids over grand ma and grand pa’s when the boy said. “Dad, when I’m dead, when I get hit by a car…you can bring me back to life dad…with blue core energy…then I can fly.” Me  and the bride looked at each other and I said “buddy there is no way I could do that, I can’t bring you back to life.” He said “Dad, trust me, I know you can Dad, you can do it.”

For those who don’t know me I am neither a doctor or a robotics guys, so yeah there is no way I could do it. Which brings me to this. My boy has so much faith in me, he believes in me. He believes in me more than I do. For a split millisecond I thought…”maybe, just maybe I could”, but no.

Believing in people is big, it’s huge. While I do not have the ability to bring my boy back to life as a robot, it feels good knowing my son thinks I can, which by the way I am making sure I am holding his hand around cars.

Believing we can do something great and actually doing are two different things, but you have to BELIEVE first before you try right?


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