Monday Mind Dump

  • We are taking pictures for the church website this afternoon…I hate taking pictures, I look like┬áChandler from that one “friends” episode…click here to see what I am talking about.
  • The entire launch team will finally all be living in Austin by the 1st week of August! That makes me a very happy man.
  • We head out to YFN camp on Wednesday. You can take the man out of Youth Ministry, but you can’t take the Youth ministry out of the man.
  • I had a great Father’s day. I got 2 books, the new Foo Fighters album and a huge medium rare steak.
  • I wish I was a better father to my oldest son Colby.
  • The more and more I use the iPad 2, the more and more it because a great tool for this plant…and I’m not just saying it. It’s true.
  • I learned a great lesson on passion from the Prince movie “Purple Rain”. I will blog on it soon.
  • Perry Noble tweeted this yesterday “If you’ve never been overwhelmed at God’s plan for your life…then you’ve never seen God’s plan for your life!”…I can say that this statement totally resonates with me. I’ve been overwhelmed for months. LOL. Thank God for great friends and family.
  • I’m real excited about our pre-launch picnic on July 9th.
  • Today we are 91 days from the launch of Revive Church

2 Replies to “Monday Mind Dump”

  1. I don’t have to “click here” I know exactly what you are talking about and yes, it made me laugh. I can’t wait to see these pictures. lol

    Your comment about Colby made me sad. I wish I was a better mother to D. The truth is we all look back over past mistakes and wish we had done it differently. I didn’t used to have any kind of relationship w/ my mom, but now I do. It’s never too late…

    1. Pictures went great, Amy is pretty awesome…You are correct it is never to late to build a better relationship with him

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