We don’t have cable, but we do have Netflix and noticed one day that it had season 1 of “Swamp People”. So one night I began to watch episode one, the next night episodes 2 and 3…you get the point…I really like this show. It’s amazing how the History Channel can make a show about Aligator hunters really interesting and you begin to like the people on the show.

From watching season one I have taken away some good visual lessons…

1) When you have a gator on the line, do not wrap the line around your hand when you are trying to pull in a gator. If you do that, the gator can pull you in with him.

LESSON LEARNED: Whatever you are fighting against, make darn sure there is no way you can get entangled. It’s the old saying…”it’s easier for someone to pull you down to their level than it is for you to bring them to yours.”

2) Sometimes you gotta go on a gut feeling on where the gators will be. Sometimes you reap the rewards some time you fail.

LESSON LEARNED: I would rather try something and fail than stand put and not do anything.

3) Hunting gators takes years of training from a master hunter. The master hunter will give you your shot and at times you will be unsuccessful.

LESSON LEARNED: If we are ever going to raise up the next generation of leader we must give them room to take a risk. Not only room to take a risk, but room to fail and to fail big time.

4) At the end of the day it is all about family and community. One person said about Troy…”Troy will give you anything, even the shirt off his back”

LESSON LEARNED: The end result is not about just a church, but planting people that genuinely care for one another and the communities they live in.


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