Have you ever been so excited or nervous that you almost make yourself pee? No?

Well, as of the last week I have been feeling like that. I know, I know, you didn’t want to hear that, but that is the only way to describe how I am feeling right now.

We have been in Austin since the beginning of February. We have been praying, planning, meeting and talking about planting Revive Church, but there was one thing that we did not have yet…


There were two areas that we were looking at when decided to plant in the Austin area. So one Saturday we decided to drive around to both locations to get the “feel” of the areas. We headed out to the first location drove around it and the neighborhood, and within minutes we looked at each other and said “This isn’t it”

So we headed to the second location…

As we began to scout out the second location we could already feel a different vibe. We drove around for a good 40 minutes looking at the neighborhood and community. As we drove I kept thinking to myself “yeah, this is it, this is the place” , so turning to my wife I asked…”What do you think?” She as I felt that this was the place, the area, the community we should plant in.

We made a few calls to various properties and kept running into dead ends, but I knew this is the area we should plant. We emailed one place, they responded, but it wasn’t very encouraging. We pursued that location since they hadn’t told us no.

Two weeks pass…nothing.

So we decided to go and talk to in person. We met, again not feeling too encouraged, but there was some hope.

Hope and prayer is all we had at this point.

They took our numbers and said they would “contact” us…

One week passes…nothing

Going on the second week I¬†receive a phone call…its them, they want to meet one more time.

I head to the meeting nervous…knowing this is our only shot in this area that could¬†accommodate our church plant. I had a lot of people praying for this meeting.

So I head into the school for the meeting. Ready to answer any and every possible question I could think that they may ask me. Expecting a “griling”.

So I meet with the three that would decided the fate of our location…

They ask only three question…that’s it! Only three.

And with that we have the location!

I can not divulge to where we are meeting just yet, because I have to sign some papers to make it “official”, but once that is done (hopefully next week) we will announce our location soon after.

I am so excited about this location. It’s where we need to be, it’s where we want to be.

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