The Vogt’s are the the second couple joining us from our prior church in San Angelo. I technically should’ve put them before the Moore’s since we met the Vogt’s first.

They were our kids children’s church teachers. I remember that after a few months our kids loved going to Michael and Erica’s class and we could tell as parents that they really cared for our kids as well. As a parent that meant a lot to us. It was so awesome seeing a young married couple serve…faithfully…every Sunday…with a whole bunch of 2 to 4 year olds…with smiles. Whoa!

One of our goals was to recruit young married couples to serve in the youth ministry. While me and the wife are young (relatively) and married…the Vogt’s were really young and married (in their early 20’s).

I wanted them to serve with us in the student ministry, I really wanted them to serve with us…but I didn’t feel it was right to ask them since they already served in the kids ministry. I didn’t want them to spread themselves too thin.

A year later I was still feeling that they should serve with us…so I talked to the person that they served under and asked permission to ask them to help us. I got the go ahead.

We invited the Vogt’s to dinner one night and asked them to consider serving in the student ministry with us…

And Erica started to cry…I was like “oh dang! I upset her!”

At that moment I thought I had made a huge mistake. After a few seconds oh me saying in my head “this is a mistake, this a mistake, this is a mistake”…they stated that it was timely that we asked them to help serve with us. God’s timing if you will.

The Vogt’s jumped right in with helping with the youth…it was awesome. They started to lead a small group and took over our cafe, and they still continued to serve in the children’s ministry. How awesome with that?

We told the the Vogt’s and the same time we told the  Moore’s…it was rough

I never knew that the Vogt’s were considering joining us in Austin. Mike had been there for a few conversations about church planting with me and Brandn, but that was about it.

Two weeks prior to us moving to Austin we trailered my motorcycle to Austin and I took the guys on a day trip to show them the city. When we returned to San Angelo I remember Mike saying…”Man, we have some stuff to pray about”

Then came the news..

It was our last Sunday before our move and the Vogt’s asked us out to eat to talk. We sat down and had a bit of chit chat and I said “so whats up guys?”

Mike said “You can add us to that list, we are moving to Austin.” we were like “SAY WHAT?!”

Michael will be our Serving Group Director. He will oversee set up/tear down, parking, ushers and greeters

Erica will be our Kid’s Pastor for grades k-5. She and Michael both have over 6 years of nursery/kids ministry experience and have some awesome vision for her new role.

We are so excited to have Michael (I call him Mike)  and Erica as a part of the Revive Church plant team.

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  1. Wow!! It’s amazing how God puts everyone in the right place at the right time. I’m still blown away by all the great things that are going on.The way it all happened is really neat I enjoyed the story . The Vogt’s are a gifted couple with a love for God the shines you are very blessed to have them in Austin. Excited hear about the first day.

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