We were always taught that in ministry it is vital that you train others to do what you do. Our prayer when we moved to San Angelo to become student pastors at a local church there was to find a younger couple that we would connect with, but more importantly to train in the areas of student ministry.

A few months after the move on a Sunday morning we had a sermon by Buddy Bell on “serving”. This was one of our big pushes to get people in the church to serve in a ministry. We had set up all the different ministry booths all around the church so that after service people could come and check out a ministry and sign up.

Brandn (not a typo) and Katie were these people.

I remember our associate pastor coming into my office and telling me about this couple by the name of Brandn and Katie Moore who had signed-up for serve in the student ministry department, but after looking over our adult leader packet (which was a small novel) stated that there was no way they are “qualified” to help out with youth. The following Sunday my wife stopped Katie in the hallway at church and told her that the packet wasn’t meant to scare anyone. She suggested to Katie for them to come and just check out a youth service.

Well they did and their and our lives have never been the same.

We asked them to start small, like check out a few services. Then we ask for something a little more. A 30 hour over night event with a bunch of students. Then a 48 hour youth trip, then a week youth camp trip.

Fast forward two and a half years…

The Moore’s have been such a great blessing to us. While serving they discovered their love/passion/purpose in ministry. They have stepped up way more than was ever asked of them which is amazing. They are both excellent communicators and have spoke multiple times at the student ministry.

It was hard not telling the Moore’s about planting a church since we had become great friends…it was real hard…real hard. We had talked about church planting in general, but never in specifics.

Since we worked close together in the youth ministry at the local church I never thought it right for us to ask them to join us. I never even asked them to consider. I didn’t want it to seem that I was cherry picking members. So I asked no one.

Two weeks after we announced to our church that we would be stepping down and moving to Austin to plant a church, Brandn texts me and asks if he and Katie could meet with us later on in the day.

They came over that night, sat down and asked “Do y’all want us in Austin?”

Brandn will be our connections pastor. What is a connections pastor? His role will be to:

  • Gives oversight to the Serving Group area of influence so that growth through service is achieved
  • Increase retention rates of attendees by getting them involved in Serving Groups.
  • Provide overall leadership to the connections team
  • Assist other ministries and areas in connections
  • Develop a strategy to get Revive Church connected to the community

Katie will be our business director. She will oversee :

  • the collection and counting of the offering for all Sunday services
  • the recording of all tithes and contributions
  • the scheduling of internal and external events.
  • the quarterly and annual contribution statements
  • Track attendance and giving and analyze the data.
  • Oversee scheduling and calendaring.  Administer the master church calendar


We are so excited to have Brandn and Katie as a part of the Revive Church plant team.






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  1. The Moore’s are a fun loving and unique. I enjoyed being around them. Brondn & Katie are very easy to talk to. Katie says just about anything that is in her mind I like that about her,nothing to hide very funny and smart. I only knew them for a short time and in this short time they made an impact on my life.

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