We met the Kendig’s back when they were dating in high school. We were serving in a local church in Round Rock, Texas and noticed something different about this young teenage couple.

1) They weren’t annoying with the whole on again, off again relationship

2) They truly cared about each other and weren’t selfish

3) They cared about their purity as a young dating couple and rarely did you see an PDA

4) They loved God more than they loved/liked each other

I could go on about them…but I will stop there. 

Our journey with Anthony and Tracy has seen them transition from student leaders to adult leaders to youth pastors. From just starting to date to committed relationship to engagement to marriage to parents of a Micah. (see pic above)

It was awesome seeing the Kendig’s grow up before our eyes, seeing them go against the status quo of relationships. This was very refreshing to me since I was the poster child of “HOW NOT TO HAVE A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS”

We kept in touch with the Kendig’s throughout the years and would always visit with them when we were in town. It was refreshing to have friends in student ministry (as were we) that we could talk to, bounce ideas off, talk shop, vent and the like.

The Kendig’s were there when we first even mentioned planting a church while we were playing Wii at a friends house years ago. Initially the planting of a church never resonated with them.

Fast forward a few years, Anthony and Tracy had been faithfully serving as the student pastors/directors for the past four years in a local church in a suburb of Austin.

Once we knew we were planting a church in Austin, we continued to talk to the Kendig’s ABOUT the plant but didn’t ask them to JOIN the plant. We got together a few times and the plant would always come up and one night as we were talking, it happened…

We began to talk about the plant and it just felt like the “right” time to ask them to pray about joining us.

So…I did

They asked questions and we answered

We asked questions and they answered

This went on back and forth for awhile until…

I receive a phone call from Anthony telling us that he and Tracy “are in!”

The Kendig’s will be our student pastors for grades 6 to 12. Anthony will also be one of our teaching pastors on Sunday mornings from time to time.

We are so excited to have Anthony and Tracy as a part of the Revive Church plant team.


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