The story of me and the Martin’s just starts with Matt. We met while in line at bible college. We chit chatted for a bit as the line moved slowly along. I registered, got my stuff together and start to move my stuff into my assigned room. Well lo and behold who is my roommate…Mr. Matt Martin.

Our story as roommates is the typical story of roommates…

Stage 1: Awkwardness

briefly tell each other our stories and how we got to bible college

Stage 2: Honeymoon Phase

matt buys me stuff, I buy him stuff, we are considerate of each other

Stage 3: Annoyance

we find out that we have doctrinal differences and habits begin to get on each others nerves

Stage 4: Common Ground

realize we can not change each other and we learn to live in peace and begin to appreciate each other

Stage 5: Friendship

We were roommates the entire duration of bible college and during that time we became good friends.

Matt was in our wedding and picked us up when we got back from our honeymoon in Cabo. After graduation we went separate ways. He stayed in Dallas and me and the wifey moved to Austin shortly after getting married. We would talk from time to time via Myspace (remember when it was cool?) to see how things were going. This normally would happen around college football season since he is a Texas Tech fan and I am a University of Texas fan.

Fast forward a few years, I am in San Angelo, Texas and Matt is in Lubbock, Texas. Matt was one of the first people we told that we felt called to plant a church. I asked him to pray for us about the plant, but deep down inside I wanted to ask him to be a part of the plant. After about a week or so I came out and asked Matt if he would consider joining us in Austin. He stated that he felt that he needed to be apart of the plant and that he and his girl friend (Catherine) wanted to meet and talk. We met, we talked, they joined shortly after some time of prayer/discussion/counsel.

Matt and Catherine were married in January of 2011, moved to Austin (to help us plant a church) in February of 2011. Can you say wow!?

Matt will be our executive pastor. What does that mean? Matt will be handling the day to day operations of the church, he will be overseeing all systems and structures of Revive and overseeing the business side of the church. He is my “righthand man”. His roles allows me to excel in my roles as lead pastor (time in study/prayer,sermon prep, vision, leadership development)

Catherine will be our nursery director for Revive. She has a huge heart for the little ones and will oversee all volunteers for the nursery. She will be working in concert with Erica Vogt (will be introduced soon) as they head up our nursery/kids church department.

We are so excited to have Matt and Catherine Martin as a part of the Revive Church plant team.

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