Well the wheels are starting to roll…well last week they did…me and the wife headed up to Lubbock and met with half of our launch team and we also had the great opportunity to meet with two pastors from Experience Life Church Lubbock. It was great receiving and hearing wisdom from a church plant going on it’s fourth year and regarded as one of the fastest growing churches in America. I took a lot way from those two meetings. I count it fortunate that we have a couple from Experience Life joining us in Austin as a part of our Revive Church plant team. 

This upcoming week is big for us as a launch team:

1) Matt and Catherine Martin (the said couple from the above paragraph) will be moving to Austin this week.

2) I’m connecting this week with a local church plant pastor and excited to gain some knowledge from someone who is doing what we are about to do.

4) Our entire launch team will be in Austin this weekend (we still have 4 more moving soon to Austin). We will be showing and exploring Austin, praying, dreaming, talking and of course eating. SO EXCITED!!!

5) We have our official launch team meeting on sunday afternoon. This will be a time of worship, prayer and teaching.

February was a month of acclimating our family to the move…

March is the month where we are gonna get some major stuff done. I have been waiting for this moment for awhile now…

and it is here.

So excited, so ready and so scared (the good kind).

Your prayers will be greatly appreciated. Oh and if you haven’t signed up for revive church’s monthly email you can do that here. The first email will go out this week.


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  1. Praying for you guys this week. I am praying this baby in the womb (church plant) begins to take form and shape. Lord speak clearly this week. I thank you that your sheep hear your voice. Release vision and direction. Enable your calling with the power of your Holy Spirit.

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