She is 3

Today is the day that our little girl Sophie Grace turns three. My how time flies. I see my baby girl growing up so fast. She loves things that sparkle, pink and loves to wear dresses. Me as a guy I don’t understand it but I love that my little girl loves to be girly. I tell her all the time that she is beautiful, to which there are normally two responses from her:

1) “Yeah, dad I beautiful…


2) “I not beautiful yet”… (I’m and glad she sees there is room for¬†improvements…haha)

She as our boy Cephas (kay-fa) has such a warm heart. I can not leave the house without her wanting a hug and a kiss. This goes for nap times and bed times as well. I can not believe how beyond blessed we are to Sophie in our lives. Thank you God! I dread the day she hits the tween years (may Bieber will make a come back by the her tween years?) ¬†and teen years and college years…you get the point. That is my baby girl…I always want her to be my baby girl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE!!!

Oh and please if you ever meet her, don’t ever mention that she was born in Oklahoma…we will take that to our graves. As far as she knows she is native Texan through and through. So please help us keep up the charade.

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  1. Ray,

    This is so beautiful..It is so special to read the “Heart of a Father’s” words and how you feel about Sophie…
    Today Macayla turns Thirteen and I can’t believe it! I wish they were both together to share their Birthdays..The part you wrote about Oklahoma and native Texan, (that’s funny). I promise not to tell.
    Macayla was born in Georgia and Dakota in Detroit. It is too late to tell her she is from Detroit. ha ha. Just kidding …

    Well blessings to Sophia and tell her I send my love!!


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