Our 2nd Friday night started off rather normal here in town. The kids out by 9pm and my wife (not feeling well) took some Nyquil and hopped into bed before 10pm. So there I was doing some work on the Mac when I begin to hear our upstairs neighbors getting a bit rowdy. It was Friday night so I was gonna let it slide. The music was pounding but it wasn’t affecting the wife or the kids.

A few minutes later the music stopped but then I heard some screaming…now I can not repeat the words but these guys weren’t complementing each other if you know what I am saying. So this goes on for about 10 to 15 seconds then THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP…it was the sounds of a beat down going on. It lasted under a minute but I had enough. I found an excuse to be outside (fake throwing away the trash) to see what was going on.

One semi-drunk dude (with only jeans on) trying to calm down a very drunk dude…believe me it was funny and sad scene all at one time. Now before you think to yourself…”well that was dumb, why did he go out there? Why not just call the cops? He could’ve got hurt.” While yes you are right on all accounts…I just “felt” that I needed to go outside…

So I “faked” threw away the trash while the two guys conversed with heavy expletives in the parking lot. I stopped and asked if everything was ok, one said “yes” and the other said “I will until I beat that punk *$^%!*@&…” you get the point right? So I just stood there and waited. After a few minutes I asked again “y’all alright? Y’all need me to do something?” I was expecting them to say “nah we good yo”, but no…

They asked if I could give them a ride to the really drunk guys place about 3 miles away.

CRAP… I’m about to get into my ride with one semi-drunk guy with only jeans on and one very drunk guy and I don’t know them.

So we loaded up and the very drunk guy thanked me and asked if there was anyone that needed his or her butt kicked tonight, because he would do it for me…

I dropped him off he thanked me and now it was just me and semi-drunk jeans only guy. We talked about what he did and he apologized for the whole night and what not…but during mid-sentence he stopped and said…

“You’re a Christian aren’t you?”

“Yes I am”

“I knew it! My older brother is one and you remind me of him, he’s a great guy”

“Thanks” I said

He then proceeded to ask what brought me to Austin…

“funny thing” I said…”We are planting a church in North Austin”

“Cool” he said.

And with that we were back to our place, he thanked me, shook hands and I went into my apt and he went into his.

On Sunday I saw him again, he pulled out of his parking spot drove up and thanked me again for helping him on Friday night, asked how I was and told me what he was doing for the day…

Now I know this was a little event, but I can’t help but think about where this can lead.

We are here in Austin to plant a church, to see lives change…and it starts with one life at a time…and I thank God for the opportunity that is in front of me.

I see a friendship forming with semi-drunk dude with only jeans on.

I will keep you posted.

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  1. Ok so first off that is a great story. I guess that is why I have been laying in bed thinking about it. Well that and because I have pretty much slept the last two days away. But I couldn’t get it out of my head. First I was thinking yea that is a totally dangerous situation that you put yourself into. Then I was reminded of the time I had to go ask my neighbor to turn down his music at like 3 in the morning…… only to find a rather scary looking man of the front porch and no neighbor. Then I started thinking well it probably wasn’t that scary cause you probably had about 17+1 little helpers with you lol. Then I started thinking about when Furtick and Noble talk about Pastors with their “crazy stories” and how they could only happen to Pastors. Like I said it is 3:45 and my mind is wondering. Then I started thinking, “you know what” this is one of “those” stories. Not because you know how it will end. Because frankly we don’t. We can hope and pray for the best but this may happen again in 2 weeks, then 4 weeks, then 6 weeks. Get my point. The reason it is a great story is because you were willing to stick out your hand. No matter what the cost because it really was a dangerous situation. That is why I know that Revive church will do awesome, because the man leading is a man of integrity. That will stop at nothing to “extend a hand”, if it could lead to a relationship to Jesus Christ. Kudos to you! Now with that off my chest it is time to go back and lay in bed and let my mind wonder some more.

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