So glad that you stopped by today…

This blog is really for all of you in the Austin Metro area.

While I grew up in the area all my life and still visit my family there, we have not lived in Austin for going on 5 years. So while we know friends that we have kept in contact with in the area and we know the area well, we still don’t know all the people we need to know…you know?

So this is what I am needing…

If you know of anyone that might be interesting in helping us:

1)     pray for the church plant

2)    participate in the church plant

3)    give to the church plant

You all know way more people than I do in Austin right now, so I’m wondering if you would connect me with people that could help with the above mentioned.

Have them contact me at

The more people connected to this plant by prayer, participation and giving puts all of us in a better position to reach the North Austin area with the Gospel.

So will you spread the word of REVIVE CHURCH to anyone you know that could be interested?


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