What’s in a name?

The name for the church first came from a discussion I had with a few of my interns in the summer of 2009. We were discussing types of churches (traditional, contemporary, modern, etc.), from there we starting talking about church names and how at times you can identify the type of church by just its name. So I asked the interns to make up a church name that they liked. After a few minutes of thinking the name “REVIVE” came to my head. Told the interns about the name and left it at that. Fast forward to the summer of 2010 and I blogged about the two words that make up the words REVIVE (you can read the here and here). Finally I blogged about the word “revive” (you can read it here)

After some praying, internet searching and talking to a few people we picked the name for the church to be called REVIVE CHURCH.

It’s a modern(ish) church name without trying to be too cool

It’s simple to understand the name (most people have at least a little clue what “revive” means)

There weren’t very many churches with the name “revive church” that we found through our internet searches

and lastly…

We  just plain like the name.

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