The Plan…

The Ortiz family will move on January 31st  to Austin…for the month of February we are going to re-acquaint ourselves with Austin and take in all it’s glory, music, scenery, food and people. I will start connecting with others around the area we are looking to plant. From there it looks like this:

Core Group Assimilation – (Mar ’11 – April ’11)

• Build Community Relationships

• Develop partnerships with local leaders

• Begin prayer walks around the community in which the plant is set

Core Group Development – (Apr ’11 – Aug ’11)

• Weekly gatherings: Bible study, meal, vision casting

• Identify and develop leaders

• Continue to build community relationships through service and outreach projects

• Develop core for preview services and launch of weekly worship services

• Pre-view Service starting in late July

• Canvas neighborhoods with door hangers while prayer walking

Launch – ( Aug ‘11 – Sept ’11)

• Continue to build critical mass and momentum with special services and events

• Continue to develop leadership by involving core leaders and identifying new leaders

Hard Launch Sunday September  18, 2011

****The above is a proposed timeline with the understanding that church planting is milestone driven. Process will continue when milestones are met.***

We got a lot of work ahead of us…I like it!

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