Why Now?

The story of “why now” starts in late 2006, early 2007. There were a few changes going on in the church that we were serving at the time, so the wife and me began to pray. During this time we prayed what our next step would be. We felt our time at the current church was up but didn’t know anything else.

During that time of prayer the thought popped in my head…”Hey what if we planted a church?” We talked about it briefly with a couple of friends and each other… so we prayed and we basically felt this statement “It’s not a NO, but a not NOW.”

So we left it at that. We took a youth pastor position in Oklahoma where we grew leaps and bounds and connected with some pretty awesome youth. After some time in Oklahoma we prayed to see what our next step was and the thought popped in my head again…”Hey what if we planted a church?”…Again we prayed and again we felt…“It’s not a NO, but a not NOW.”

So we moved from Oklahoma to San Angelo, TX to become the student pastors at Christian Faith Center and during the hiring process stated to our pastors that planting a church is in our future, it’s just that we didn’t know when. Our time here has been great here at CFC, but during my time here, God has really been dealing greatly with me in a good way. So for the last year planting a church has really been bubbling up…I would try and push it down and there it would come right back up.

This was something that we couldn’t deny and at this point we weren’t hearing those words of…“It’s not a NO, but a not NOW.”…So through a lot of prayer, counsel and one big fat huge leap of faith we talked to our pastor to let him know what was burning in our heart…to PLANT A CHURCH.

We told the entire church in phases last week and the response of support was amazing and very encouraging. We know that planting a church in Austin is what we are called to do. We love Austin, we love it’s people and so excited to see what God will do through the plant.

Proverbs 16:9 The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.

The next post will be “why Austin?”

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