Why Plant a Church?

That’s a very good question…and I can assume a few thoughts may have popped in your head like:

I bet he is mad at his old church and he thinks he could do it better…or…He probably got fired and no other church will hire him…or…He doesn’t like to submit under any kind of authority…or…ARENT THERE PLENTY OF CHUCHES AROUND…why plant another one?

So to answer those I will be quick…No I am not mad at my current church, I have an excellent relationship with my senior pastor and will continue to have one after we leave. I DID NOT GET FIRED! I don’t have problem with authority, I really don’t…seriously…ask my mom…

While there may seem like there are a lot of churches…

“According to a national census of 200,000 churches in America, church growth has not kept up with population growth in any state in America—therefore any city is a good city for church planting!”                           – Church Planters Roundtable in OKC, August 2009

80% to 85% of all churches in America are declining or plateaued.                                             (Planting growing churches in the 21st century)

Churches in America lose 2,765,000 people each year. 3,500 churches close their doors each year for the last time. (barna.org)

Simply put…there aren’t enough churches to match any cities growth, and we need to do something about that.

We have a specific plan, vision and purpose for this plant…something that has been developing inside for awhile now.

Tomorrow, we will answer the question “WHY PLANT A CHURCH NOW?”

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