Doing it in 2011

Here is my list for 2011…things I want to do or do better.

1)    I want the word of God to be my guide in 2011: I want to have a greater desire to know HIM, a greater desire to read and meditate on Him. I want to be able to say with all honesty that it is my favorite book (the Bible). That there is no other book I would rather read. To make more strides and efforts to memorize the text. My boy Cephas (kay-fa) knows Psalm 23 by heart, and a few days ago we went over it again before he went to bed. When he spoke it again (Psalm 23) it HIT me like a ton of bricks “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, because you are with me…” While Cephas saying it might sound cute… the reality is that my son will walk in that valley, he will go through pain and suffering, we have all been there and as much as I hate to think that, the truth of the matter is that it WILL happen. So it hit me…I am training him NOW for the VALLEY LATER, while he may think it is cute, he is preparing his heart and mind with the word of God to take on that valley when it comes.

2)    I will lead my family: I am the only one that can be a husband to my wife, and the father to my children, no one else can do that. That is a specific assignment that God has given to me and I need to be reminded of that. I want to love my wife more and more. I want to support her, celebrate her. I want to continue to be the man she fell in love with 9 years ago. She deserves my best. I will lead my kids, I will make certain they will know Jesus and I will raise them godly. I will spend quality time with them, I will be sure to make memories with them, I will keep them safe, I will love them because they are mine.

3)    I will honor God with my life: I will take time off to rest, I will not have my phone with me at all times, I will not check email or facebook or twitter like a crack head. I will enjoy God in my quite times.

4)    I will give God my best: finances, time, gifts. It’s about being a good steward for me. It’s not my money, I am going to trust God more, I am going to teach kids to give. I want to be a better steward of what I have.

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