I got no skills…

You want to hear something kind of sad?

I am a guy and I have no mechanical skills whatsoever. None, zero, zilch, nada…

I can do basic stuff like wash the car, add windshield wiper fluid, change a tire, change the oil, change a light bulb, change the air filter, but after that…well after that, I can do nothing.

My motorcycle has been out of commission for a few months just sitting there, and it was like I could hear it cry out to me in the parking lot…”Why do you hate me so much? Fix me, please fix me! Wasn’t I there for you in the morning for the brisk ride to work? Wasn’t I there for you to take you on a nice Sunday ride? Why won’t you fix me?”

So for months I would hear my bike say that to me. I researched online and began to speculate what was wrong. After hours online and on motorcycle forums I came to the conclusion…a conclusion that I was dreading.

My stator was out (and I don’t even know what a stator is).

Now mind you I am not mechanical but with asking questions this is what I determined, and the worst part is that with the part and labor it was going to run me in the neighborhood of $700. Yikes.

Desperate for help I talked to a friend at church who “is” mechanical and told him my issue. Being a good friend he said he would look at it and see if he could help. So off to his shop it went. The next day at work I heard a low rumbling…could it be? Could it be? YES!!! It was my bike back from the dead.

My friend told me that looking at it he started with the SIMPLEST thing first…it was the ignition. See I went the other route and went to the HARDEST thing first. It was diagnosed within minutes. Something so simple and I let my bike sit there for months when it could’ve been fixed in less than a day.

We do that don’t we?

Over complicate our problems, issues, hang-ups. When at lot of the times it is a simple thing. Worst off is that when things go bad, some will shield themselves from the very people that can help you with your problem. They can help you see a different perspective, and instead of being out of commission for months you can be back on the road of life way sooner.

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