Ok so it has been awhile since I have posted anything…with reason, excuses, a tad of laziness with a pinch of crazy busy life. I sat last night for about one hour just staring at the blank word document….nothing. There have been ideas here and there, jotted down on a piece of paper or as a memo on my phone, but nothing.

Do I have ideas? Thoughts? Antidotes? By golly yes I do. It’s just that at times and this one seems to be one of those, but at times I find it hard to spill all the thoughts that are swirling around in my head onto paper. I am frustrated, perplexed and a bit saddened.

It’s as if my head and my hands don’t communicate, like they aren’t working together when I try to begin to write…

Ok see you don’t know this but I was actually watching Jay Leno’s monologue which took 15 minutes from me trying to write. This is what I am talking about. Now you may say to yourself “Ray, dude you must had ADD, ADHD, or maybe you think you have something to say, but you really don’t…or maybe, maybe just maybe you’re dumb!” Well my friend I can tell you it is none of those.

I honestly feel like what I got up in the good ‘ol noggin is being held for a reason, for a specific time. So what am I saying?

There is a time and season for everything and as of now everything in the head is needing to marinade for a bit and come to maturity. Could I write? Absolutely, but it wouldn’t be right.

So until next time…

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