Some CHANGE will do you good

I am blessed to have some awesome friends. This past week we got together with some close friends, just like we always do when we are in Austin. As we sat and talked for 5 hours over coffee and desserts a common theme kept popping up in-between the couples and individuals that were there…CHANGE

As the minutes turned into hours, between the laughter and deep conversation, it all went back to CHANGE. All who were there are in a time of CHANGE. Not all of it was life altering change, but never the less CHANGE is CHANGE and we are creatures of habit, so no one likes CHANGE. We can talk about how we are ready for CHANGE, but when CHANGE gets here it is not the way we thought it would be. While that can be a good or bad thing, what we have to come to terms with as believers is that while we can “sense” CHANGE coming we have to walk in faith  and move when that CHANGE comes to  not miss what God has planned for our lives.

It is easy to say you have faith until you really have to have it. That is the real test. Do you have the faith it takes to move into the CHANGE that God is calling us into?

One truth I always hold onto is from Malachai 3:6 NKJV – For I am the LORD, I do not change. No matter when that CHANGE comes, I pray that I will be obedient and move when God says move and stay when God says stay and hold steadfast onto the rock that never CHANGES…

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