Can’t believe 5 years have past…

Today is Cephas’ 5th ¬†birthday. My have the years have gone by. When we knew we were having a boy we wanted a strong name. So we picked Cephas which is Aramaic for “Rock/Stone” and his middle name of Alexander which means “man’s defender, warrior”. That’s about as strong as a name you can get don’t you agree?

Cephas is an amazing young little boy and I am so glad that I am his father and that we get the chance to raise such a cool kid. I have to tell you that he never wakes up in a bad mood from a nap or in the morning. It is such a joy to see him smiling every morning.

As a lot of you know he loves music no matter what genre (he gets that from me). He especially loves The David Crowder*Band and would watch his live DVD all the time if we let him. Cephas also likes to listen to We Came as Romans, For Today and Family Force 5. You can tell that he has been in a musical environment all his life. You can see him a lot of the Sunday mornings practicing with the worship with guitar in hand. It is a sight to see.

These 5 years have gone by so quick and the days just speed on by, but I will embrace each day I have with him. I will hug him, kiss him, show him how to live a Godly life. He is my baby boy, no matter how old he gets. Thank you God for blessing my life with such an awesome kid. I will not let you down.

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  1. Happy Birthday, …We celebrate Cepha’s life today and love you so much.

    We are sending an e-gift card through email. I need your address (email).

    Happy 5th Birthday

    Love the Lucas Gang

  2. That pic of Cephas & Bert will always be a favorite of mine!! Cephas is such an amazing kid…crazy that is has been 5 years!! Happy Birthday Cephas!!

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